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What is Marine@UGent Academy

Learning does not stop after graduation. To respond to the increasing need for knowledge in marine and maritime sectors, Ghent University is expanding its lifelong learning initiatives in the dedicated Blue Economy campus in Bluebridge, Ostend. To bring all blue learning initiatives of Ghent University together, the multidisciplinary platform Marine@UGent Academy was launched. 

This platform provides an inventory of all relevant and qualitative blue training activities, ranging from traditional education, such as bachelor and master education, to lifelong learning initiatives such as workshops, summer schools, webinars, and short courses. 

Looking for a specific blue training, but can't find what you're looking for in our catalogue? Contact us and together we will find a training for your needs. 


Training catalogue

Looking to expand your marine or maritime knowledge?

Have a look at our catalogue comprising all lifelong and traditional blue education provided by Ghent University. 

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-        Whether you’re looking for a two year master programme or a two day workshop on a marine or maritime topic organized by Ghent University, explore our catalogue and discover our training opportunities.

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