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Havenbeheer 2021-2022



Course format On-site
Date 2021-10-13 - 2022-03-16
Cost € 980.00


This course is organized in close cooperation with North Sea Port.

The sea harbors are essential pillars of the Flemish economy: as hotspots for transfer of goods, logistics, industry and as transport hubs, they make sure that Flanders can live up to the call of the turntable in international trade and guarantee employment and added value.


This programme consists out of 5 modules (dates to be confirmed). The first module focuses on the legal status, contracts and the sphere of action within the framework of the regional, federal, European, and international legislation. In addition, the economical dimension of international shipping will be featured.

The second module focuses on the many players and stake holders within the harbor industry, ranging from maritime services providers to harbor clients, from dock workers to towage and hoisting services, from shippers to dispatchers and shipping agents.

The third module focuses on infrastructure: both the hardware of an adapted infrastructure and efficient nautical services and the software of a smooth data exchange on ship and cargo are essential for an optimal transport flow.

The fourth module focuses on the role of harbors as multimodal platforms which provide a link between shipping and all inland transport modes, emphasizing on alternative solutions such as railways and inland shipping. The port authority hereby fulfills the role of facilitator and chain director.

The fifth module focuses on framing the harbors in a wider context and outlining of the preconditions, which have to be taken into account in the field of spatial planning, energy, environment, landscape and liveability.


ISCED Categories

Marine and maritime law